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    Optimising Factory Processes

    A Brief Case Study

    During my time at Nature’s Laboratory I developed a dedicated system for managing many of the everyday processes in the factory. This included:

    Web-Based Software

    By moving to a web-based platform I was able to bring large amounts of data together into one system. This developed over time, as more processes were accommodated within the platform. The platform now helps staff manage everything from recording staff hours and holiday to producing labels for products and monitoring manufacturing processes.

    Sage Accounts Integration

    Like many organisations of its size, Nature’s Laboratory uses Sage for accountancy and order management. I developed a system which enables data from Sage to be passed into the web-based software platform automatically. This was a vital step, enabling me to develop a unified system based on real-time data.

    Internal and External Documentation

    One of the key features of the system is its capacity to streamline the creation and sharing of both internal and external documentation. Customers can access product information by scanning QR codes on the product labels. The amount of time required to generate internal documentation has been greatly reduced, and it’s much easier to find documents via search.


    The system also facilitates traceability of material through the factory. All goods being received are appropriately labelled and given batch numbers which are then used throughout production processes, linking raw materials with finished products.


    The key benefits of this system include:

    • Making data accessible and queryable
    • Saving staff time by increasing efficiency
    • Improving quality and reducing opportinity for error
    • Giving customers direct access to product data
    • Streamlining HR tasks

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