IT Support

At Hello Technology we're here to help keep your IT systems running smoothly. From websites and email accounts to off-site backups and disaster recovery. Hello Technology provides proactive and reactive IT support for all kinds of organisations.

Website Hosting

Our managed website hosting gives our customers peace of mind. Hello Technology works with hundreds of small organisations who trust us to keep their website’s online. Our rock-solid website hosting is supported by expert technicians who proactively monitor night and day.

Whether you need reliable hosting for your small business website, or something a more advanced, we’re here to help. Our webiste hosting includes hourly off-site backups. This ensures that should the worst happen all the websites we look after can be restored in a timely fashion.

Website Uptime Monitoring

For clients who want extra peace of mind we can setup uptime monitoring for specific websites. This service triggers an alert to be sent if a website becomes unavailable. For websites which are critical to the smooth running of an organisation’s operations this can help trigger a faster response should a website go offline.

If you’d like to discuss uptime monitoring for your website please get in touch with us.

Email Hosting & Management

Alongisde our website hosting we also host email accounts for our clients. Generally these run through the same server as our websites. We can also setup dedicated email hosting through a partner. This could include Google Workspace or Office 365 if appropriate.

Email hosting requires an in-depth undertstanding of DNS management and spam filtering. We work with our hosting provider to proactively monitor our email delivery systems. This ensures we can respond quickly should a problem arise.

These days spam email is a massive problem. In response many of the large email providers have tightened up security, clamping down on illegitimate email. Some of these changes affect the way the legitimacy of email is demonstrated. By keeping up to date with all the changes going on behind the scenes Hello Technology is able to offer a reliable and cost-effective email platform for our clients.

DNS Management

DNS stands for Domain Name System. Every website runs through a domain name, such as Each domain name has a number of DNS records associated with it. These determine how email and website traffic is routed, for example. DNS records also facilitate things like demonstrating domain ownership, preventing the domain from being ‘spoofed’ and so on.

At Hello Technology we’re happy to support our clients by providing DNS management services. We’ve been looking after our clients’ domains for decades. We ensure they’re renewed and correctly configured. Let us take the headache out of your DNS management.

Backups and Disaster Recovery

Backups and disaster recovery processes are vital for all organisations. At Hello Technology we can develop resilient backup systems for your data. Our preference is to use cloud based backup solutions, which store the data off-site. As internet speeds have increased this has become the norm for most organisations.

Off-site backups ensure that if your premises were to be burgled, burn down or be flooded your data would be safely stored elsewhere.

Alongside your your data backups we can also develop resilient disaster recovery processes to help you get back on your feet should the worst happen. This might include things like:

  • How to recover your data

  • How to setup your email and telephone systems (VOIP is preferable)

  • How to quickly configure your core software systems

  • How to communicate any important information to your customers

Wired and Wireless Networking

If you’re having trouble setting up your wired or wireless network we can help. From configuring new routers to installing network switches and cabling, we deliver reliable networking for your organisation.

For busy organisations, there’s not a lot worse than an inconsistent WIFI network. Poor network coverage can be disruptive, and even result in data loss or corruption.

Hello Technology can troubleshoot network problems, make recommendations for and implement improvements.

VOIP Systems

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It’s an internet-based telephone system which can be used just like a traditional landline. However, it offers many benefits over its copper-based cousin, including:

  • Capacity to affordably run multiple numbers on a single line

  • Option to use VOIP apps on mobiles to reduce dependence on physical handsets

  • Ablity to have extensions in different physical locations anywhere in the world

  • Freedom to choose numbers outside of your geographic area

  • Flexibility with call routing, voicemail options, call handling and so on

At Hello Technology we recommend VOIP telephone systems to all clients looking to upgrade their telephone systems. We can design and implement a flexible VOIP system for your organisation, and even oversee the transfer of your original landline into the VOIP network.

Cyber Security & Anti-Phishing Training

These days cyber security needs to be taken very seriously. Organisations of all kinds can suffer terribly at the hands of cyber criminals if they gain access to IT systems. We can support organisations by advising on best practice and implementing resilient systems. Hello Technology can also provide your team with cyber security and anti-phishing training. A proactive approach to cyber security can help ward off potential threats. Ensuring your team are aware of the threats and how they might fall victim to scams can help prevent the worst from happening.

Hardware Setup & Configuration

Many organisations purchase their own IT equipment these days. But setting up new hardware can be confusing and time consuming. Hello Technology can support your organisation by configuring new laptop and desktop computers, smartphones and tablets. This includes tasks such as:

  • Initial operating system setup

  • Removing ‘bloatware’ and unecessary applications

  • Installing office software and configuring licenses

  • Setting up email accounts

  • Transferring things like documents and favourites from one device to another

  • Safe formatting and/or disposal of old devices

Virus Removal and Protection

These days computers are far better protected than they once were. But viruses and spyware can still be a problem. We can offer advice on best practice and remove viruses from machines which become infected.

If you’d like to discuss any IT support queries with us please get in touch.

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Hello Technology is here to help keep your systems running smoothly.