Data Management & Backups

Data management processes and safe, secure and reliable backups are vital for the smooth running of any organisation. If the worst should happen and your devices fail, could you get back up and running quickly and easily? Hello Technology can help.

On-Site Backups

On-site backups are copies of your files which are stored in the same location as your device itself. This kind of backup is definitely better than nothing. As the backup and the original files are stored in the same location there’s a chance that they could both be destroyed, should they be subject to a fire, flood or burglary, for example. If you currently don’t have any backup processes configured then a simple on-site backup to an external hard drive can be a sensible first step.

Depending on your operating system you may find either of these helpful:

If you’d like help configuring your backup system please get in touch with us.

Off-Site Backups

This kind of backup stores the files in a different location to the primary device. This is a far more resilient backup process as it is far less likely that both copies of the data will be destroyed simulteniously.

At Hello Technology we recommend using a cloud backup service. This is where the backed up files are stored online. Once setup, this backup method is safe and resilient. External hard drives can also be backed up in this way (provided they’re plugged into a laptop or desktop regularly).

Depending on the quantity of data to be backed up different off-site backup providers might be preferred. Get in touch with us if you’d like to know more about off-site or cloud backup solutions.

Disaster Recovery

Alongside a resilient backup process it’s important to consider your organisation’s disaster recovery processes. What steps would you have to take to get your IT systems back up and running as quickly as possible?

Hello Technology can help with this by developing a comprehensive disaster recovery plan for your organisation. This could include things like:

  • Where your data is backed up and how to restore it

  • What hardware you would need as a minimum to operate

  • What key software applications you use, how to install these on new devices with appropriate licenses and how to restore data into them

  • How to configure email accounts and other internet-based services on your new devices

  • A communication strategy to ensure your staff and customers stay informed

Most organisations don’t think about these things until it’s too late. This is especially true of smaller companies and sole traders. At Hello Technology we’d recommend you review your disaster recovery processes every year or so, in order to keep them up to date.

If you’d like us to undertake a comprehensive disaster recovery review and document everything you would need should the worst happen please get in touch.

NAS Drives & External Hard Drives

NAS standard for Network Attached Storage and is a kind of external hard drive which is generally connected to a network and shared between multiple computers. External hard drives are usually associated with a single desktop or laptop computer.

When considering how and where to store data either or both of these options may be a sensible solution. Ensuring they remain safe, accessible and backed-up is another story.

External hard drives can usually be backed up in the same way as the device they’re plugged in to. This could be a backup to another external hard drive or to a cloud backup service as described above.

NAS drives generally require their own dedicated backup solution. Most NAS drives come with an kind of web-based operating system which enables them to be managed. These usually contain options for configuring off-site or cloud backups either to the servers of the NAS manufacturing or elsewhere.

Hello Technology can support your organisation by implementing backup processes for your external and NAS hard drives. Don’t forget that this data needs backing up too.

Data Security & Encryption

Another aspect of data management and backup processes is security and encryption. Depending on the sensitivity of the data you’re backing up then different kinds of security and encryption may be required.

Generally it is sufficient to backup data in its original format. This is preferable in most cases as it reduces the risk of data becoming corrupted during the encryption/decryption processes. Most cloud backup provides will offer some kind of encryption for those who would prefer a higher level of data security.

Website Backups & Recovery

Website and email data is also vital to the smooth running of most organisations. At Hello Technology our website email hosting is backed-up hourly. We’re able to recover anything from an individual file to an entire website, email account or the full server should the worst happen. What would you do if you website became corrupt, was hacked or your hosting provider went offline? What about your email accounts?

At Hello Technology we can setup robust backup processes for your website and email accounts.

GDPR Legislation & ICO Registration

The General Data Protection Regulation was designed to protect the rights of consumers when it comes to the storage and sharing of their personal information. This impacted what organisations could and could not do with the information they collected from their customers. Primarily it prevented the sharing of data without explicit consent. It also gave consumers the right to demand a copy of their data and to request the deletion of their data.

If you’re unsure about your responsibilities under GDPR then please get in touch with us. We can undertake a full review of your data management processes and ensure that you’re adhering to the legislation.

Any organisation which processes personal data in the UK must also register with the Information Commissioners Office. Here’s some helpful information for small organisations.