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From logos and websites to social media graphics, adverts and print media.

Well designed graphics will help your organisation communicate effectively.

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Hello Technology can develop or refine your visual identity and design of all kinds of graphics to support your organisation's aims and objectives.

Website Design

A well designed website makes it easy for visitors to find and understand information. From colours and fonts to page layouts, information hierarchy and menu structure. Effective website design is vital to your success, helping you communicate effectively.

Graphic Design

Graphic design brings together various aspects of your organisation's visual identity. From social media posts to PowerPoint presentations, investing in good graphic design ensures that information is presented consistently, clearly and creatively.

Print Design

Whether you're placing an advert in a magazine or producing a leaflet or brochure to advertise your organisation, good print design remains a key part of communication strategy. Print can help your organisation stand out, and provide a link to online platforms.

Digital Design Projects

Design is everywhere. From road signs and billboard advertising to magazines, social media graphics and product packaging.

Good design will combine various graphic elements, producing attractive and engaging visuals which communicate effectively. Generally this work will be based on an organisation’s visual identity, such as the colours, fonts and graphics which are used to represent the brand. These will be combined with appropriate text, written in a way which reflects the organisation’s brand values and personality.

While graphic design is widely used, it is not always well used. Organisations which embrace good design as part of a consistent and considered communciation strategy will find it pays dividends in the long term. Below are a few ways in which graphic design can support your organisation’s aims and objectives.

Logo Design

A recognisable and versatile logo is a key component of an organisation’s brand identity. Good logos are generally clear and simple, representitive of an organisation’s work or purpose, and flexible – meaning they work effectively in a variety of situations without losing clarity or legibility.

Here’s an example project. This logo was designed for Nature’s Laboratory, and includes various graphic elements which reference the organisation’s work as a research-led manufacturer of natural medicines, including medicines from the beehive.

Print Design

Print design covers things like magazine and newspaper articles as well as busines cards, brochures and leaflets. Effective print design should combine elements of the organisation’s visual identity with clear and concise text which has a particular purpose or focus.

Website Design

Website design merges multiple disciplines. It involves aspects of graphic design in terms of use of colour, layout and imagery to effectively communicate important information. Website design also requires an in-depth knowledge of web technology, in order that the website be accessible and user-friendly across all kinds of devices and screen sizes.

Here are a selection of websites we’ve recently designed:

We’re currently working on a number of new projects and will have more new websites to share very soon.

Good design will help you communicate effectively.


Hello Technology provides a wide range of design services across digital and print media.