28/05/2024 • Projects

Workshop Dashboard for Manufacturer

Building a workshop dashboard using the Shopify API for a leading manufacturer.

Wheeliams is a leading manufacturer of wheel carriers, ladders and accessories for overland vehicles. They’re based in Scarborough. The Wheeliams team design and manufacture high quality products which are shipped worldwide.

Demand for their products has grown rapidly over recent years, and so has their team. In order to help keep track of their manufacturing processes they tasked us with developing a bespoke workshop dashboard.

Client Requirements

  • Clear and simple dashboard to help staff manage manufacturing processes

  • Real-time data provided by the Shopify

  • Accessible outside of the Shopify interface

  • Ability to hide certain products from the list

  • The option to expand and add to the system over time

Our Solution

We recommended building a bespoke solution, powered by the Shopify API. Shopify is a powerful and flexible ecommerce platform. It provides several ways to develop additional functionality to support more complex or unusual processes.

The Shopify API offers a convenient way for developers to interact with the data stored within Shopify. We chose this solution as it enables us to build a bespoke interface for the workshop team which lives outside of Shopify itself.

Wheeliams Workshop Dashboard Screenshot
Wheeliams Workshop Dashboard

APIs generally have useage limits which prevent them from being abused. In order to ensure we don’t exceed our API limits we chose to store a copy of the product information locally. This data can be updated periodically, but is not requested regularly, reducing the volume of API queries.

Details of outstanding orders are requested via the Shopify API and displayed to the workshop staff. The orders are displayed in priority order, and staff can tick a checkbox once an item is complete. The order disappears from the list once it has been marked as shipped in the Shopify dashboard.


  • Shopify API

  • PHP

  • MySQL

  • HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Project Outcomes

Although relatively simple, this dashboard is the first step in a much larger project. It has already delivered real value to the Wheeliams team. By data which was once hidden within the Shopify dashboard is now much more accessible. This means the manufacturing team can focus on building the products which are in high demand.

The dashboard also offers a value link between manufacturing and dispatch. The Dispatch Manager can now get real time availability updates from the manufacturing team. This joined-up approach streamlines their processes, facilitating better communication and improving customer service.

Customer Feedback

This is what Will had to say about the project:

Working with Jack is always a pleasure. Our latest project was delivered on time and has completely transformed our manufacturing processes. We are now working on the next phase.