T4 California Coach - 1991, 2.5l Petrol

This page serves as a log of repairs and improvements made to my T4 California Coach.

Replaced 2 Pin Temperature Sensor and Fuel Pump Relay 167 – 15th June 2024

I finally discovered the location of the 2 Pin Temperature Sensor. Having looked high and low I discovered it was located immediately behind the 4 Pin Sensor! I swapped this. I’m not sure the older one was broken, but it’s a cheap part to replace and I’m sure the engine is running rough due to poor sensors and/or air flow (perhaps vacuum pipe leaks). I also swapped the Fuel Pump Relay 167. Again, don’t think the older one was broken, but initially the van was very fumy, running rich etc. and I also ran it dry one (oops!) so figured it was an easy thing to swap, just in case.

Replaced Smashed Wing Mirror – 13th June 2024

My wing mirror got hit, twice, so needed replacing. Got a new LHD electric mirror from Brickwerks. Despite getting some sticky black gunk on my hand whilst removing the door panel it was a fairly easy swap.

Replaced Relay 30 – 30th May

Swapped Relay 30 as I’d discovered it’s a common failure point and is responsible for something to do with the ECU. Apparently the van will run with a faulty one, but not well. Easy thing to swap.

Eco Flow River 2 Max – 15th April 2024

In order to provide me with ample power for my laptop and so on, I ordered an Eco Flow River 2 Max. I hope to get this plugged into the 12v system in the van, or charging via the alternator, to keep it topped up. I can then run the laptop, external monitor, SIM modem and whatever else I need from this.

4 Pin Temperature Guage – 14th April 2024

I replaced the 4 pin temperature guage, again from Brickwerks. The dashboard temperature reading began working, which I guess also improved the running of the engine.

Speedo Repair – 14th April 2024

I got hold of a left hand drive speedo cable from Brickwerks. Fortunately I had some ramps and managed to scramble underneath the van to remove the broken cable.

I disassembled the steering wheel to get to the back of the dashboard – easier than I anticipated. The speedo now works fine, but is measuring fast. I guess the needle is out of position.

Buying the T4 California Coach – March 16th 2024

As I was finishing my notice period at my previous company I was looking for a vehicle would could become the Hello Technology Office Van.

I’d initially disregarded the T4 California (which was owned by someone else in Whitby at the time), due to it being left hand drive and up for a little more than I could afford to spend initially.

However, the weekend before I started Hello Technology the previous owner dropped the price, and having gone for a quick drive in the van I was satisfied it could become the Hello Technology office van.