11/05/2024 • Projects

Website Design for Charter Fishing Boat in Whitby

Discover how we designed and developed a Wordpress website for a charter fishing boat based in Whitby.

Word of mouth is often the best form of advertising. And that was certainly the case in this instance. Steve contacted Hello Technology back in March, to discuss designing a website for his new business, Cee King Fishing Charters. We had been recommended by an existing customer who also works with boats here in Whitby.

The Brief

Cee King had been operating as a successful charter fishing vessel for several years, but has recently been purchased and renovated by Steve. The business needed a new website to help advertise fishing trips to anglers.

Steve was happy to take our lead on the design of the website but wanted it to attract both beginner and more experienced anglers, and reflect the maritime nature of his business.

Steve offers a variety of fishing trips to his customers. From shorter 3 hour trips, perfect for beginners or those with less time, to 6 and 8+ hour excursions for those looking to fish further off shore, or explore the wrecks and reefs of the North Yorkshire coast.

Website Design Concept

The design was based on a selection of hand-drawn sketches of fish, paired with graphic elements and bold typography.


Colours were chosen which suit the clean and fresh feel of the sea. Cee King has a red roof, so we chose to use a coral red which compliments and contrasts with the navy and pale blue.


A couple of typefaces were chosen which work well together, DIN Condensed and Roboto.

Illustrated Elements

Using a variety of illustrations gives the website personality and a personal touch.

Flexible Blocks

The design uses a number of flexible blocks, which allow for a variety of different layouts to be created.

Website Design

Below you can see the design concept for the home page:

WordPress Development

The website was built using WordPress. We used Advanced Custom Fields to create the required fields for the flexible blocks. This includes enabling Steve or ourselves to define the colour of each block, along with other details such as whether the block has a ‘wavy top’ or not, by simply selecting from predefined options or tick boxes.

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